Solar Project

April 16, 2019

On 4/7/19, at our annual meeting, the Cranberry Isles Fisherman’s Co-Op voted unanimously to install solar panels to provide power to our business. A study done by the College of the Atlantic in 2018 determined this would work for us. In March, 2019, Sundog Solar made a proposal which we have accepted. By going solar we will be able to produce 110% of our needs, which will reduce our carbon footprint by 22,073 pounds of CO2 per year.

   The Co-Op has applied for two grants. If they come through, along with federal tax credits, the system will pay for itself in 5-7 years. If we don’t receive the grants it will still pay for itself in 10 years.

      The Co-Op wants to do our share to keep the oceans and the planet healthy. It’s where we make our living. We care.


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