Ocean stewards

For generations lobstering has been our way of life

Cranberry Isles fishermen's co-op

Est. 1978.

Little Cranberry Lobster is a product of the Cranberry Isles Fishermen's Co-Op.  Through generations of experience we have learned to fish in balance with the sea. We take our stewardship of the ocean seriously. We have participated in establishing trap limits, size limits and most importantly, protecting egg-bearing females. These measures ensure a harvest for generations to come. Today, every lobster we catch is MSC certified, sustainable and traceable. We are proud custodians of a great tradition providing a fresh product, caught right and delivered to you.

We are

26 boats, 25 male captains, 1 female captain, 44 sternmen and 3 sternwomen, 7 Co-Op staff, 4 boatdogs, 1 dock and a whole lot of lobster

whose turn at the helm

Every captain in the Cranberry Isles Fishermen’s Coop started out as crew. Lobster fishing not something you learn in a book, it’s time-honored work learned by doing. And it is hard work on ocean waters where anything can happen, and it does. Crew members are commonly called sternmen for the stern of a lobster boat, where the sternman hauls each trap aboard the boat.

Traps vary some in size but most are 4 ft. and weigh in at 75 pounds, including the ropes. More than half of the boats in our fleet go for the 800 trap limit, hauling 400 traps per day. It’s physically demanding and repetitive work, but with a sternman aboard, the fishing is faster and safer.

Our crew members come from all walks of life and experience, from island kids who can’t wait to get out on the water to mainlanders from MDI and far beyond. Our crew “graduates” include a doctor, a nurse, an award-winning author and a public health administrator. As a founding captain of the Coop aptly put it, “the stern of a boat is a good place to figure things out.”

Catch right, live right

we love this life

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